Harald Wuest

CEO, CEO Visometry GmbH, Germany

Visometry GmbH

Visometry is a Fraunhofer spin-off founded in 2017, based in Darmstadt (Germany). We create Augmented Reality core technology, develop custom solutions and support our customers integrating AR and computer vision into their business. Our VisionLib Engine offers Machine Vision & Augmented Reality tracking at industrial scale for a variety of high class AR applications along the entire ›product value chain‹, from prototyping, over production to sales, maintenance and training.rnrnWe are changing Augmented Reality bottom-up: with Machine Vision & AR tracking at industrial scale. Our VisionLib Engine offers AR tracking at for enterprises and enables precise multi-object tracking in an automated workflow from CAD to AR – for a variety of business cases along the ›value chain‹, from prototyping, production to sales, maintenance and training.rnrnWith our ›Enhanced Model Tracking‹ we master major machine vision obstacles (e.g. faint environments, dynamic scenes with lots of movement) with a precision that not only enables classic AR, but also to compare objects against each other, measure them, or recognize + track changes in their states. Using CAD/3D data in image processing, we automate + scale processes, making manual pre-processing & preparations of objects obsolete.rn


Fraunhoferstr. 5 64372 Darmstadt Germany
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