Gero Egger

CEO, Director GO! Pictures KG, Austria

Gero began working in the film industry in 2003. He gained further production knowledge through his experiences in working for two award-winning New York based film production companies. In 2009 Gero founded GO! Pictures where he has worked with a variety of international professionals producing feature films, short films, corporate videos as well as music/art documentaries. Since 2015 his main focus turned to directing 360°/VR stories because it opens up a widely untouched and promising artistic field as a filmmaker.

GO! Pictures KG

Our main focus is to provide unobtrusive and natural flow through VR narrative, to ensure that the viewer does not miss any key points in the story’s development. In addition, we design predictable production workflows to narrow the gap between traditional filmmaking and live action 360º/VR experiences, to achieve economic production opportunities and to take the cinematic techniques to the next level.


Gmeinstrasse 24 8055 Graz Austria
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