ElHassan Makled

ElHassan Makled

Employee, XR Lead robusta studio, Egypt

Graduate from Digital Media Engineering and Technology with passion in game development, game design, and research. I completed my MSc degree in the fields of HCI, VR, and collaborative VR environments. Worked as a researcher and supported in establishing the Virtual Reality Cluster at the German University in Cairo.

robusta studio

We grew, witnessing phones turning from feature phones into Blackberries then iPhones then the world going fully mobile, from a handful of web designers and developers to strategists, creators, architects, engineers & product managers. Utilize the latest technologies to create holistic experiences & impact business growth worldwide. We think of our customers as long-term partners and believe in the value & future of the product we build together.


Concord Plaza South 90 90 11841 New Cairo Egypt
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