ela senghera

ela senghera

CEO, founder Virtually Thrive, United Kingdom

Following my own struggle with depression I have decided to dedicate my life to helping others lead happier lives. At Virtually Thrive we create and sell cognitive mental health training specially designed for children and adults. We combine neuroscience, psychology, immersive technology and interactive storytelling. We work with industry experts and our mission is to significantly reduce number of suicides in the UK.

Virtually Thrive

Creating a cognitive mental health training that helps children and adults live happier lives. Our training will improve your self-awareness, increase your confidence and teach you how to control your feelings and create the future life you really desire. It will fast-forward your route to recovery of depressive symptoms and mental health imbalance. The idea was born to fill the need for affordable and self-sufficient solution in light on mental health crisis in NHS.


Clerkenwell Close 23 EC1R 0AA london United Kingdom
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