Baran Korkmaz

Baran Korkmaz

CEO, Founder ARWAY LTD, United Kingdom

At 14-years-old, initially design a prototype app to guide people to fire exits and communicate indoor positions in real-time with firefighters.rnrnFast forward to 2019, we have;rnrn-Completed 3 successful implementations including one of the worlds largest hospitals and shopping malls. rn-Established a global presence with clients from Qatar to Taiwan.rn-Developed and introduced the world's first WebAR indoor navigation solution.rnrnPeople I've worked with appreciate my focused attitude.


ARWAY is an indoor intelligence and wayfinding platform to enhance user experience and unlock new revenue through AR.rnrnWe provide an SDK and web CMS solution to deploy life-scale AR experiences linked to physical locations through AR wayfinding.


Lena Kennedy Close 43 E49XD London United Kingdom
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