Webinar on XR for learning and training — Online

The XR4ALL Special Interest Group on learning and training offers a webinar gathering a panel of XR experts on training to address this hot topic.

Immersive technologies (VR/AR/MR) have recently had an explosive development, opening broad opportunities in the context of education and training. As learning environments, these technologies afford immersive, adaptive and explorative learning spaces, well suited for developing high-impact pedagogies. A successful adoption of these technologies for educational purposes requires not only affordable and high-quality hardware, but also solid pedagogical methodology and cross-disciplinary collaboration between different stakeholders, subject matter experts, educators, learners and developers.

The webinar is free of charge, but prior registration is mandatory.

Preliminary program:

Welcome to the SIG and webinar
-Cross-disciplinary approach to XR for learning and training at NTNU, by Ekaterina Prasolova-Førland (XR4ALL SIG Chair, Professor at Norwegian University of Science & Technology, Norway)

Performance augmentation: insights into XR for learning and training from WEKIT and other projects, by Fridolin Wild (Professor at Open University, WEKIT ECS Ltd, UK)

-Teaching kids how to save lives with VR, by Tone Lise Dahl (Sintef Digital, XR Gemini, Norway)

Improving the VR trainee’s experience, by Antoine Jeannin (CEO of Boarding Ring, France)

Next-gen human-computer interaction in XR, by Greg Agriopoulos (CEO Magos, Greece)

The link to Zoom will be provided after registration.